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Simatree’s Commitment to Creating an Anti-Racist Culture

Over the last few weeks, we at Simatree have engaged in conversations about race in America. The death of George Floyd served as a catalyst for this dialogue, and we wanted to discuss how we can affirm that Black Lives Matter.

We believe we need to move forward with a strong commitment for something beyond respect and change – for constant vigilance and shared accountability.  We must be the watchful eye upon all our fellow citizens asking, “Was that comment okay?” “Was that action inclusive?”  It is only when we change the small things that we will change the big things.  The only way to stop the most extreme acts of racism is to stop all acts of racism.  

Simatree is a small company with a big heart and a big vision for the world.  We serve our people, who serve our clients, who change the world. Our mission is to Empower Exceptional People - all people.  The only way to do that is to make our own commitment to stop racism.  Here is our commitment:

Simatree’s Commitment to Creating an Anti-Racist Culture

We are going to review our company policies and revise them to ensure they are truly anti-racist.  In addition, we are going to create new policies that codify anti-racist behavior at Simatree.  We are also going to follow a few guiding principles to demonstrate anti-racist behaviors:

  • Discuss Openly: Talk and listen to one another about race's role in the past and present with candor, vulnerability, and open minds. Acknowledge how racism manifests in our lives and work environment, and how it has impacted and benefited individuals and groups unequally.

  • Confront Directly: When we see racism, in any form, we will confront it.

  • Pursue Equality: Our company is all about people. We have the ability to create opportunities for people as we build our client base. We will continue to pursue diverse candidates for all positions. 

This is just the start of the ongoing dialogue we will have and the actions we will take as a company, and we will continue to listen, learn, and evolve along with the national conversation.

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